Algoritmo enxame de filas para localização ótima de turbinas eólicas

  • M. Firmino de Medeiros Júnior Departamento de Engenharia de Computação e Automação, UFRN, Natal
  • Paulo Cesar de S. Câmara Departamento de Fontes Alternativas, Chesf, Recife
  • Benemar A. de Souza Departamento de Engenharia Elétrica, UFCG, Campina Grande
Keywords: Wind energy, wind turbines, optimal localization, optimization, PSO


The main objective of this work is to propose a new heuristic, inspired by the problem of optimal location of wind turbine queues, to solve this problem, allowing the incorporation of different restrictions, with low computational cost. From measurements obtained from equipment installed on anemometric towers, with the objective of prospecting promising locations for the implementation of wind farms, a wind map is prepared for a micro-region, with the help of software used for this purpose. Wind speed data are collected and, from these, annual averages are calculated to create the map. The mesh of points representing the area of the region, obtained by means of the software, has an adjustable sample rate, so that the mesh points can be obtained as close to each other as desired, allowing to admit a continuous function to represent the annual average wind speed variation (and, consequently, wind generation potential) with geographic coordinates. Thus, there will be no harm in adopting an optimization method that considers a domain with continuous variables. Mesh points (coordinates and attributes) are stored as a list in shape file (.shp) files, which can be opened with the help of the free software QGIS. Then the data can be read and reorganized into tables, to be processed by any other program. Thus, it is possible to build a function to measure the aptitude of each point for energy generation. From there, an objective function can be specified for an optimization problem.