Volume 10 número 1

Páginas: 73-82

An Efficient Sensitivity Analysis Based Method For Calculating Load Margins to Voltage Collapse

Adriana L. Tognete and Carlos A. Castro

    C.P. 6101
    13081-970 Campinas SP



In this paper an efficient method for calculating load margins to voltage collapse is proposed. the method consists of computing gradual load increases based on sensitivity analysis. it is well suited for large systems, since heuristics are added to the basic algorithm in order to explore their particular characteristics. those heuristics result in significant computational time savings. also a special power flow method with step size optimization is used when either (a) systems become ill-conditioned (near collapsing) or (b) no real solution is found after some load increase. in case no real solution is found, the results provided by the special power flow can be used in order to define control actions (load shedding) to pull the system back into the feasible operating region. Simulations have shown that the method is very efficient, accurate and robust.


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