Volume 10 número 2

Páginas: 107-117

Multi­View Technique for 3D Polyhedral Object Recognition Using Surface Representation

Maria de Fátima Santos Farias 1 João Marques de Carvalho 2

    1 Universidade Federal do Maranhão ­ CT ­ DEE Campus do Bacanga, São Luís, MA, Brazil

    2 Universidade Federal da Paraíba ­ CCT ­ DEE Caixa Postal 10.105,
    58109­970 Campina Grande, PB, Brazil



This work proposes a 3D object recognition method based on the matching of geometric attributes extracted from polyhedral models. 3D attributes are determined by crossing data obtained from three 2D views of the object. The recognition method consists in matching global, local and relational attributes, in order to make possible the identification and positioning of both, the models present in the scene and the visible surfaces in the views.


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