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Volume 12 number 3

Pages: 203-214

Satellite Launcher On-Off Controller For Attitude Tracking And Decoupling

A. P. Oliva (oliva@directnet.com.br) and W. C. Leite Filho

    Instituto de Aeronáutica e Espaço (IAE) - Divisão de Sistemas Espaciais

    12228-904, São José dos Campos, SP - Brasil
Palavras Chave:
A study about an on-off satellite launcher control law design for attitude tracking and decoupling was carried out. The study considered a linear decoupled and a linear coupled model of the vehicle to obtain the controller gains. The performance given by each design was assessed. The stability analysis of both designs was also carried out using the describing function technique and the circle criterion. Finally the robustness of the design based on the coupled model was assessed with respect to uncertainties on the control forces and on the inertial parameters. It was assumed that the vehicle is flying a ballistic phase outside the atmosphere.
Keywords: Flight Control Law, On-Off Controller, Tracking, Decoupling.

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