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Volume 13 number 2

Pages: 165-170

Synchronous machine field current calculation taking into account the magnetic saturation.

Ernesto Ruppert Filho, Francisco Liszt Nunes Jr. , Sidney Osses Nunes

    Systems and Energy Control Department - Computer and Electrical Engineering School -- Campinas University,DSCE-FEEC-UNICAMP,P.O. Box: 6101, CEP: 13081-970 Campinas-SP-Brasil
Palavras Chave:
A synchronous machine dynamic mathematical model including the saturation effect is presented. The saturation modeling deals with the linkage flux mathematical model and uses the machine d-axis and q-axis magnetizing curves. Results are shown in the form of V curves and comparisons with calculations using non-saturated and saturated reactances are done showing a considerable difference in the excitation current values. Comparisons with experimental data are done.
Keywords: Synchronous machine, dynamic model, saturation model, magnetic saturation.

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