Modelo para suporte à otimização da viabilidade técnica-financeira na hibridização de plantas de geração solar e eólica com armazenamento de energia

  • Nicolas J. O. P. Manfredi PPGEET, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niter[oi
  • Vitor H. Ferreira PPGEET, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niter[o
Keywords: Optimization, Solar Generation, Wind Generation, Batteries, Hybridization, Network restriction, Land, CAPEX, OPEX, NPV


This work sought to present a model to support companies in the generation area to assess the viability of hybrid projects by maximizing the global net present value (NPV) of an enterprise considering the implementation of a solar and / or wind farm using storage technologies. The conditions of land limitations for the construction and operational restrictions in the electric network for the flow of the generated energy are verified. There is a lack of solutions with simplified software and low associated costs to help entrepreneurs to support business analysis, with technical increment, in search of a viable and optimized solution. For modeling implementation, 2 types of base cases were defined, and 18 scenarios were simulated with changes in the CAPEX values of each source, variation in the price of energy PPA, changes with restrictions and verification of increase in the solar and wind resources of the plants. The results show the best global NPV values for cases of energy sales at the average PLD price of the last 5 years. Comparatively among the basic cases generated, the scenarios related to land tests showed an increase of 56.10% in NPV and a reduction in curtailment of 93.4%.