Processamento Digital de Imagens usando Redes de Petri Coloridas - Estudo de caso com Filtro de Sobel

  • Inácio C. Alves Instituto Federal do Ceará, Maracanaú, CE
  • Corneli G. Furtado Júnior Instituto Federal do Ceará, Maracanaú, CE
  • Igor R. S. Valente Instituto Federal do Ceará, Maracanaú, CE
Keywords: Coloured Petri Nets, Digital Image Processing, Sobel Filter, Graphical programming language, Algorithm correctness


Digital images are produced by a wide range of devices. They are applied in several areas. Simulations and mathematical modeling are tools that allow the investigation of system designs, helping to identify failures, crashes and instabilities before they occur. Colored Petri Nets are a graphic and mathematical modeling language that allows the construction and analysis of models. The current work presents an implementation of Sobel Filter for sharpening images, through Colored Petri Nets.