Sintonia de Controlador PI Para Sistema Fotovoltaico Autônomo Através de Alocação de Polos com Conversor Buck

  • Daniel Fragata FT, Universidade Federal do Amazonas-UFAM
  • Cleonor C das Neves CMDI, Instituto Federal Amazonas-IFAM
Keywords: Photovoltaic System, Convert Buck, PI Controller, Simulation


This work aims to design an PI controller applied to the Buck converter to improve photovoltaic power generation in off-grid system facing more isolated area of the northern region. Experimental and simulation tests were performed to perform this study. In addition, the operating principles of photovoltaic modules, the dynamics of the characteristic curves and the modeling of a photovoltaic system aided by the software PSIM and MATLAB were studied and simulated. A Buck converter was then designed to meet the needs of the voltage and current levels to be supplied for the load. After the tests of the Buck converter with the photovoltaic system was designed an PI controller, aiming to correct the input voltage variation errors. And to finish the work were carried out simulation and experimental analyses obtaining the satisfactory behavior as proposed by the controller design.