Investigação De Técnicas De Controle De Ordem Fracionária Aplicadas Ao Controle De Um Sistema De Três Tanques Acoplados

  • Primeiro A. Autor Faculdade de Engenharia Elétrica, Universidade do Triângulo, MG
  • Segundo B. Autor Faculdade de Engenharia de Controle & Automação, Universidade do Futuro
  • Terceiro C. Autor Electrical Engineering Department, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Keywords: Process control, fractional control, classic control, tank systems, nonlinear model


Process control is essential for the operation of many plants in modern industries, aiming to control the performance and efficiency of industrial processes. This work presents the development and analysis of the performance of a fractional controller to simulate a system of 3 coupled tanks present in the Robotics Laboratory of the Faculty of Technology, using classical control techniques and fractional order control techniques. Such plant proves to be an excellent source of study for control systems, since it presents a non-linear and multivariable model, with several inputs and outputs of control signals. The classic controller design and its simulation presented satisfactory performances and the fractional controller obtained superior performance.