Analise do Desempenho de Módulos Fotovoltaicos Relacionando sua Temperatura e Varições da Estrutura de Fixação na Região Centro-Oeste de Minas Gerais

  • Wanderson Israel Ferreira Pós Graduando Lato Sensu em Sistemas e Dispositivos Mecatrônicos CEFET /MG Campus Divinópolis
  • Lucas Almeida de Jesus Graduação em Engenharia Mecatrônica CEFET /MG Campus Divinópolis
  • Cláudio Henrique Gomes dos Santos Professor, Doutor em Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Elétrica CEFET/MG Campus Divinópolis
Keywords: Renewable Sources, Micro Generation, Photovoltaics, Modules, Temperature


With the need for new energy sources, the world is opening up more and more to clean and renewable sources, and it is in this way that solar energy has been increasingly highlighted. The Micro Photovoltaic Power Generation systems are faced with the fact that the photovoltaic modules in their efficiency are usually lower than the nominal efficiency of the manufacturer. The performance of these modules is directly dependent on numerous factors, such as solar irradiation, shading, angular inclination and especially temperature variation. In this way, their performance is reduced, obtaining fluctuating results during their capture and preventing their greater efficiency, practically preventing their maximum power throughout the day. Due to this fact, this work aims to present a study of the generation in photovoltaic modules reporting the influence of the temperature of the modules themselves on the system efficiency, and seek results according to the type of structure where the modules are fixed. Checking the performance in modules whose fixation allows better ventilation and heat transfer to the environment, and also in those that do not have a fixation that allows cooling.